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דער ניצאָכן

The song "День Победы" ("Victory Day") is maybe the most popular and loved song about WWII in ex-USSR. It's heard in next to any house, especially at the 9th of May, the "official" Victory's Day in Russia.
But little is known that this song was originally written in Yiddish by V.Kharitonov and called דער ניצאָכן [der nitsokhn] - the victory. Later it was translated into Russian by famous aithor A.Vergelis.
Here's the original Yiddish text:

Cyrrilic transcriptionCollapse )

Literal Translation into RussianCollapse )

Translation by A.VergelisCollapse )

mp3 of orignal Yiddish song, performed by Psoi Korolenko and All Stars Klezmer Band.

All the stuff was stolen from ru_yiddish, original posts here and here. Thanks to shimshoni, timke and riftsh for sharing the materials.