June 14th, 2008



I've just found an interesting translation of Alexander Vertinsky's song Жёлтый Ангел (Yellow Angel) from Russian into English.

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This translation is attributed to qredo. At least it is found in that blog, along with many other similar translations of Vertinsky (prooflink). I like that style. As I already mentioned, I have a soft spot for that 'amateurish' translations where emotion surpasses technical skill and wit. And Vertinsky, because of his ultra-decadent demeanor, is probably a perfect author for that type (Szomorú Vasárnap aside).

And here's that translation performed:

The translation was later adapted and used by The Tiger Lillies (album Urine Palace): http://www.tigerlillies.com/2003/index.php?main=recordings&pubId=22